Tips on how to Thaw a Frozen Turkey Safely

Frozen turkey? No drawback. Ideally you’d let this occur regularly, a number of days earlier than, in a 40°F fridge. The golden rule is about 24 hours of thawing for each 4 to five kilos. However typically that does not occur! And typically it is Thanksgiving morning and your fowl remains to be laborious as a rock. Learn on to seek out out the best possible solution to defrost a turkey—quick.

Simply, some of the requested Hotline questions in Food52 historical past is: How do I defrost my turkey?

From stuffings and casseroles to pie crusts and dinner rolls, the freezer is a ready prepare dinner’s greatest good friend throughout Thanksgiving. However as the massive day approaches, there’s one factor you’ll have to take out of the ice field: the turkey. And, relying on how large it’s, you need to in all probability do it days earlier than Thanksgiving.

The simplest and most secure solution to defrost your turkey is within the fridge (stored at 40°F). Our golden rule: 1 day of thawing within the fridge for each 4 kilos.

(So in case you have a 15-pound fowl, then you definately’ll want to begin defrosting practically 4 days prematurely to be on the secure aspect.)

Make sure that to position the wrapped turkey breast-side up on a tray close to the again of the fridge, the place it can stay persistently chilly. You may additionally need to preserve it on a backside shelf to stop contamination from leakage. As soon as your fowl has thawed, prepare dinner it inside the subsequent 4 days.

In the event you don’t have room for turkey within the fridge (or solely have Wednesday to prep), then the second solution to defrost the fowl is in chilly water breast-side down, altering the water each half-hour. On this technique, finances half-hour of thawing per pound.

(So, plan 7 hours for a similar 15-pound turkey as above, then prepare dinner instantly.)

In chilly water–thawing, it’s essential that the complete turkey stays submerged in 40°F water. Likelihood is that your faucet water received’t be chilly sufficient, so add some ice cubes. In the event you don’t have a big sufficient container, strive utilizing your sink or ice chest. One other solution to preserve the turkey coated is to carry it underwater with a heavy plate. Make sure that to stir the water sometimes to interrupt up the chilly envelope surrounding the fowl.

As soon as thawed, pat dry and roast away!

This text was up to date in 2023.

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