WNBF Professional Bodybuilder Alberto Núñez Builds Dimension in Offseason with Demanding Leg Day

After wrapping up 2022 with 4 contest appearances over an eight-week interval, pure professional bodybuilder Alberto Núñez transitioned right into a well-earned offseason. His aggressive season started with a championship win on the 2022 World Pure Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) Professional Universe in September and ended with fifth place on the the 2022 WNBF World Championships in mid-November, after which Núñez loved a interval of restoration and the next vacation season.

By January 2023, he returned to the health club with eyes on an prolonged rotation of development and restoration phases till his subsequent deliberate aggressive displaying in 2024. On Sept. 8, 2023, Núñez posted a coaching replace to share a have a look at the thorough leg exercise he’s utilizing to construct extra measurement. After some transient clips from his day by day life, the exercise begins close to the two-minute mark within the video.

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

In contest form, the 5-foot, 10-inch Núñez usually weighs within the neighborhood of 72.5 kilograms (160 kilos) on stage. He beforehand said that his purpose for the present offseason is to proceed gaining till he reaches 83.9 kilograms (185 kilos). Within the video, Núñez defined that he’s presently sitting round 81.6 kilograms (180 kilos).

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Núñez launched the session by explaining that he usually trains the quadriceps in a single session and hamstrings in a separate exercise. Nevertheless, his present coaching break up calls for 3 exercises per week, together with one session focusing on all of the muscle tissues of his legs.

Núñez wore a weightlifting belt and wrist helps as he started the session with dumbbell Romanian deadlifts. Núñez mentioned he carried out the train for 3 units. On the ultimate set, which is proven on video, he makes use of a pair of 68-kilogram (150-pound) dumbbells for eight repetitions. He particularly used a partial vary of movement, emphasizing the stretched place to probably set off extra muscle development.

Leg Press

Núñez progressed to a leg press utilizing what he referred to as a “balanced” stance to recruit his total leg with out significantly emphasizing both his quads or his posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings).

He accomplished two units of eight reps, once more utilizing a partial vary of movement. This time, nevertheless, he emphasised the center place with out locking out or attaining a deep stretch. Núñez defined that this helps to take care of muscular stress and permits him to stimulate muscle development with out the sorts of heavy loading he beforehand used.

“There’s a degree of time in each bodybuilder’s coaching profession the place you’re like, ‘Man, it’s kinda cool to be that man within the weight room.’ A human spotlight movie, of types. However I’m finished with that. I like the truth that it doesn’t take a complete lot of time to load, you don’t want a complete lot of weight, and the hundreds simply aren’t, mentally, as daunting. And I really like the actual fact you simply keep in rhythm. There isn’t time to assume in between reps. I really like that half. It simply lets lizard mind take over.”

Seated Leg Curl

He returned to focusing on his hamstrings, this time utilizing a seated leg curl machine. Núñez took his place within the machine after which leaned his torso ahead to flex on the hips. He defined that this additional stretched the hamstrings, for elevated muscle activation. He once more accomplished three units, utilizing partial reps for a set of eight on the ultimate set.

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

Calf Elevate Machine

Núñez educated his calves on a specialised, seated machine that supported his higher physique whereas working in a straight-legged place. He defined that his solely direct calf coaching is that this three-to-four minute session involving a complete of three units utilizing a particularly lengthy pause, as much as 10 seconds, within the stretched place for every particular person rep.

He defined that he trains calves towards the center of the exercise, whereas many lifters finish leg periods with calf coaching, as a result of it serves as an “intermission” from extra intense coaching and permits him to stretch and mobilize his calves for the next train.

Hack Squat

Focus returned to the quadriceps as Núñez used a traditional hack squat machine. He started with a 12-rep “activation set” earlier than finishing two work units of eight and 6 reps with more and more heavier weight. He once more emphasised the lengthened place towards the underside and averted locking out.

Single-Leg Sartorious Elevate

As a detail-oriented aggressive bodybuilder, Núñez focused an unlikely leg muscle with an progressive leg elevate variation. Supporting his higher physique in a dangling leg elevate station, he suspended a kettlebell from one foot and bent his leg upward to work this muscle which runs alongside the higher and internal thigh. He carried out one set with every leg. Nevertheless, he admitted that it’s basically an experiment and the precise outcomes received’t be noticeable till he diets down for his subsequent contest prep.

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

Body weight VMO Squat

Núñez moved to a different comparatively distinctive train to focus on the VMO (vastus medialis indirect) or “teardrop” muscle discovered simply above the knee. He accomplished two units of six to eight reps, utilizing solely his physique weight to descend right into a deep squat place whereas elevating his heels and urgent by means of his toes.

His higher physique remained upright all through the train, in comparison with the traditional bodybuilding sissy squat train which makes use of an analogous “heels up” squat place whereas leaning the higher physique backward.

Decrease Again Extension

The decrease physique exercise concluded with strict decrease again extensions. Núñez mentioned that his potential to take care of a secure trunk place throughout deadlift variations could also be inadvertently limiting his decrease again improvement by not requiring it to work dynamically. He completed the day with two units of six reps on this centered motion.

As soon as Per Week Leg Day for Bodybuilders

Núñez mentioned the complete session took round two hours, however admits the length may’ve been shorter had he not been as social with different health club members between units. Nevertheless, he finds the group facet of the health club to be a big private profit. An outline of the exercise is as follows:

  • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift — 3 x 8
  • Leg Press — 2 x 8
  • Seated Leg Curl — 3 x 8
  • Calf Elevate Machine — 3 x 5 – 10 (10-second pause in stretched place per rep)
  • Hack Squat — 2 x 6-8
  • Single-Leg Sartorious Elevate — 2 x 8
  • Body weight VMO Squat 2 x 6-8
  • Decrease Again Extension 2 x 6-8

Núñez hasn’t specified precisely which contest will mark his return in 2024, however followers of the game can doubtless anticipate the identical diploma of high-quality presentation he’s dropped at earlier contests. With 16 years of aggressive expertise, he has developed an abundance of bodybuilding information to proceed sculpting and displaying his physique.

Featured Picture: Team3DMJ / YouTube

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